10 tips for a successful first vacation as couple

Going on vacation as a couple: a real adventure! This summer you are no longer single and you want to go on vacation with your new partner. A must passage for couples, the first vacation for two appears for many as a dreaded test! How to succeed this week of vacation with your new girl/boyfriend? We will give you our 10 tips that will make you have a good holiday!

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1. How long do you have to be dating someone before going on a vacation with them?

You are not going to go on vacation with this girl/guy you met two weeks ago. Most people think the correct timing is more than three months. You will have had time to get to know each other and you will avoid many unpleasant surprises.

2. Before departure:  Making a good plan:

Choice of accommodation, activities, everyone’s share of the budget… Think of (almost) everything! You can of course leave room for improvisation but the key points of your trip should be determined in advance. Without necessarily making an ultra-detailed list day by day and hour by hour, determine in advance the few key places, restaurants and activities that you will want to do on site.

Book everything in advance if possible, so you only have to put your feet under the table and you can save time in queues. (it will save you the hassle at 1 p.m. in the most upscale restaurant “yes you can come back at 5 p.m.” or showing up at an exhibition for which you had to book time slots on the internet for the visit). Also plan to deal with any unforeseen events. If it rains all week even though you had booked a hotel by the sea? See if you can’t cancel transport and accommodation. But be careful: you are two to think! Your partner must have a say in this first vacation as a couple.

3. The choice of destination: round 1

If when i ask you about the “first vacation for two”, you immediately answer me “vacation with the in-laws” or “vacation with my parents” you are wrong! For the first holiday as a couple, it is best to go to a neutral place. You can very well go to a city you have already visited, just avoid going to where you used to spend your holidays with your ex. …The best solution is to go to a place that is unknown to both of you, so that you can combine advantage of discovering a new place with pleasure. The question now is: are we going abroad or not?

First of all, do it according to your budget, do not go out of your way for this first vacation, do not book two weeks in the Bahamas on a desert island. You are there to relax together, not to propose.

4. Get out of your daily life but do not rush your habits:

The idea is to stay authentic and yourself.

For the first vacation, we prefer a charming typical hotel or an Airbnb, closer to the life you lead outside vacation. Fighting routine is for old couples! Same for the choice of activities: if you have vertigo, do not start montains climbing under the pretext that she likes hiking. Don’t go rushing your daily life either to impress your girlfriend. Don’t completely change your lifestyle, for example.

If you’re more into relaxing by the pool and she’s more determined to go to bed early and go out in the evening until 5 a.m., your vacation for two is likely to turn into a roommate hotel, where you will meet without doing things together!

5.The real challenge of the first holidays as a couple: managing personal time and time for two:

On your schedule, plan time slots for two but also solo time. Living 24 hours a day with a person is not easy (personally for me, it’s hell), even if you both love each other. I need time out, on my own, to read, for sports, to write: the first vacation for two is always a big test: “Is she/he suffocating me or not?” “. Same: if you’re like me, if you need your “me time”, talk about it BEFORE this first vacation as a couple! So that it does not fall from the clouds once arrived on site. In everyday life, you have your time alone, without her/him, at work, in sports, etc. Do not completely upset this balance on vacation, do not be stuck 24 hours a day.

Set parts of the day where each of you will be free to do whatever you want. One to two hours a day should normally suffice. Go waterskiing while she reads her favorite novel, for example!

6. Knowing how to make oneself pleased:

These vacations for two are also YOUR vacation. You certainly left as a couple to spend time together outside your usual living environment, but this week is also made for you. If an activity does not enchant you at all? Don’t do it, or negotiate with your significant other to replace it with another. As always, know how to compromise.

Another important thing: take advantage of these holidays to let go! Leave your complexes at home and in the office. No one knows you here, you can be yourself.

Do you like this weird patterned t-shirt but it’s not easy to wear in your everyday life? Take it in your suitcase if that makes you happy! Do you want to do something ? Do it! Don’t worry!

7. please the other too:

Why not take advantage of these holidays to take control of a day or an evening and bring out the big game? Book your half an activity that she/he has always dreamed of doing or a table in a very good restaurant! Women for example love to be surprised, it’s even one of the 5 love languages, but the effect will certainly be even stronger here, outside of your everyday life again.

8.Take the opportunity to test new experiences!

Parachute jumping, scuba diving, extreme hiking, road trip for two in the middle of the American desert: get out of your comfort zone during your romantic vacation!

You will no doubt have crossed something off your Bucket List and above all you will remember this memory all your life!

9. Don’t put pressure on yourself!

It is often thought that the first vacation for two is a test for the couple. If it is true that this can allow us to realize certain things (our head when we wake up, unsuspected habits, etc.), don’t imagine that the other person writes down all your little mistakes in a notebook!

Relax, it is by stressing about your every move that you will make mistakes! By taking your head unnecessarily you will ruin your vacation. You are not perfect, she/he is not perfect, it is very good, you are made for each other!

10. What to do in case of a bad surprise?

Disputes and illnesses are the two enemies of a successful holiday. In the first case, know that it is not necessarily a warning signal about your love compatibility. Disagreements can happen every day when you live with someone permanently, so don’t worry too much. Start worrying if these fights get too regular and for absurd reasons. Usually, you have your friends, work, your places alone so as not to explode during a couple argument. There, you will have to learn to blow…

In the second case, there is not much you can do about it if you get sick. Nothing worse than a tourista to ruin a couple’s vacation or a romantic weekend.. The restaurant the day before went wrong or you got eaten by a bloodthirsty mosquito that gave you a holiday-destroying virus . Either way, if that doesn’t handicap you too much, change your plans if you can.

The best lesson I can give you: have fun! Abandon your complexes to your daily life and enjoy this romantic break. These vacations for two are made to relax, recharge your batteries, and recharge your batteries while waiting to tackle future projects! One last point: don’t forget sunscreen or mosquito repellent.

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