15 Magnificent destinations where to spend a romantic weekend

Do you want to spend a special moments with your lover? Need ideas for a short romantic trip on weekend ? Are you a romantic? Do you like romantic getaways, heavenly destinations, cities of love? Nothing better than a little trip for 2!

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We sometimes let ourselves be overwhelmed by everyday life, but in love nothing is ever acquired. Love is maintained, and there is nothing better then privileged moments in love. A week on a dream island? A stay in Venice? There are many examples… Discover the most romantic destinations, and a selection of inexpensive romantic getaways.

1.       Amsterdam:

 Canals as far as the eye can see and pretty romantic bridges make Amsterdam the ideal setting for an unforgettable romantic weekend! Book a private boat tour, dine by the water, and visit the Tuschinski Theater. Especially since the latter offers a special package for couples.

2.       Lisbon:

For a colorful stay; take a walk in this beautiful city, listen to the melancholy music of Fado, and taste the Pastéis de Nata. In the evening, lose yourself in love in the Alfama district and its maze of very typical little streets.

3.       Paris:

 The indispensable ; a short visit to the capital of love and its attractions, museums, parks, department stores; enough to entertain you during your city break. Enjoy a moment for 2 in one of the many restaurants and with a walk on the Seine.

4.        London:

 Impossible to get bored! You have the choice between a multitude of restaurants and bars where to spend your evening! And why not try one of the famous rooftop bars overlooking the City with your other half. The view is breathtaking. Finally, the activities are not lacking either.

5.       Rome:

 The eternal romantic city with the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, then go and share a delicious romantic dinner in one of the beautiful little streets of Rome. And for a slightly more sophisticated trip, treat yourself to a nice evening at the ballet or the opera in the magnificent Teatro dell’Opera.

6.       Kotor:

 Don’t delay before Montenegro becomes too touristy: stroll through the old town and discover its pretty churches and public squares. The local cuisine is delicious. Don’t forget to climb up to the fortress to enjoy the magnificent view of the bay.

7.        Tbilisi:

For picturesque landscapes and a less atypical stay: Georgian cuisine is known throughout the world. Tbilisi is welcoming with its old town, its still very much alive traditions and its mountain landscape. Also watch a puppet show at the famous Gabriadze Theatre, or take a ride on the Ferris wheel on top of Mount Mtatsminda. The view of the city is splendid.

8.        Gdansk:

 Beautiful Polish city is conducive to romance. Stroll through its pretty parks and promenades along the Baltic Sea, and let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and wake up to the song of the seagulls! The old town also invites you to get lost with its pretty, typical little streets.

9 . Mykonos:

 Festive, it still remains a Greek island full of charm; sit down in one of the charming little seaside restaurants and admire the famous windmills while relaxing to the sound of the waves. Also enjoy a sunset on one of the many beaches on the island.

10.    Dubai :

In the city of excess, start your day with a hot air balloon flight over the desert, and end it with a mesmerizing belly dancing show. Stroll along the harbor and opt for a boat trip to Burj Khalifa. And of course dare to climb up one of the city’s impressive skyscrapers and admire the surprising architecture of this unusual city.

11.   Prague:

 No need to convince you of the romantic character of the beautiful Czech capital, Prague. The old town, its charming little streets and the imperious Charles Bridge are an idyllic setting! You can dine on the hill overlooking the city and admire its majestic palace.

12.   Los Angeles :

In the City of Angels, adopt the Californian style and arrange to meet in a seaside restaurant, or directly on the sand for a romantic picnic in the moonlight! Then make your childhood dreams come true by visiting Disney, and go play movie stars in Hollywood!

13.   Budapest :

The beautiful thousand-year-old city fully deserves its beautiful nickname of Pearl of the Danube. Lose yourself in its streets, taste the Hungarian cuisine and gain height by going to the Fisherman’s Bastion, the pretty promenade on the hill of the Castle. It will offer you a spectacular view of the city. Then after a great day of sightseeing, there’s nothing like the Széchenyi baths to relax in water at 37°C! Finally, the experience promises to be unique!

14.   Northern Europe :

Go near the Arctic Circle for a unique and more or less different trip, but where you can keep warm with your significant other. What could be more romantic than being in the middle of white landscapes and seeing the Northern Lights? You can opt for Norway with Lofoten or Tromso, or Lapland in Finland!

15.   Seville :

Finally; this list would not be complete without a Spanish destination. Enjoy a short stay full of sunshine in this city rich in architecture and monuments. And end your days with a sangria on one of the many rooftops and then in a tapas bar for two. You won’t want to go home!

Choose the right destination and the right date:

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You have already chosen to go to Tahiti from August 1 to 10..Oops! Our first piece of advice is to be flexible in order to find a cheap stay. The watchword is to stay on the lookout because cheap plane tickets often don’t stay available for very long. There are beautiful places to discover that you do not necessarily suspect. So be open-minded and do not hesitate to monitor the offers on the relevant sites.

Leave at the last minute:

 Going last minute can save you a few dollars. Indeed airlines whose flights are not full can offer a special last minute offer. There’s nothing more romantic than booking a cheap last-minute vacation and telling your partner: “Pack your bags honey, I’ve got a surprise!” However, pay attention to the period and the destination. Certain periods such as July, August or school holidays are rarely cheap. In addition, some promotions can be misleading: rainy season, hot weather, endless stopovers… Check carefully what you are booking.

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