8 ways to make your ex regret -Part two-

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We have already talked about some tricks in the previous article on how to make your ex regret breaking up with you and here is the second part:

1.       Use word of mouth:

If you are not very present on social networks or if you are afraid that your actions on the networks will not have the desired effect on your ex, you can favor a more traditional method: word of mouth. .

But how do you send a positive message to your ex? Who will send it to him? You just need to control your surroundings and what you show in public.

For example, if you go to a party where friends of your ex are also going, this is the perfect opportunity to convey a positive image of yourself! Your ex’s friends will surely give him a little report. During this evening, make sure to prove that you are well and that you have moved on.

The whole thing is to seduce those around you so that your ex only has positive feedback about you. Nor should you play a role and become almost superficial. You just have to be smiling, friendly, happy and above all sure of yourself.

2.       Provoking jealousy to change your ex’s mind:

Making your ex regret is also a way to win back your heart. How to go about creating lack in your ex? Can you really make your ex jealous?

Let the mystery hang:

On social networks as in everyday life, you have to control the image that you broadcast of yourself. You have to make sure to let the mystery hover so that doubt settles in your ex.

For example, you can appear regularly in the presence and close to another woman or another man. Even if it’s not your new girlfriend or your new boyfriend, your ex will certainly react to this rapprochement.

However, you shouldn’t get into a relationship with someone you don’t really like just to make your ex jealous and get revenge on him/her. It is enough that your ex has the impression of being replaced to make him/her jealous. So let the mystery hang over your new single life. Do not post your daily life on the networks and only let what you want your ex to see.

Thus, prove to your ex that you can very well live without him/her and that you have completely moved on. Your ex, for fear of being forgotten so quickly, will quickly come back to you and try to win you back.

3.       Become a model of success to make your ex regret:

Change your ex’s mind, another more indirect way to make your ex regret is to surpass yourself in several areas. Whether professionally or personally speaking, you can set new goals and prove to your ex that you are worth more than he/she thought.

In your work, set yourself an achievable goal that will allow you to inspire respect from your ex. For example, you can get a promotion, win a competition, get public recognition, etc. Whatever goal you set for yourself, reaching it will be a great satisfaction for you. You will prove to yourself and your ex that you are talented, intelligent and hardworking. You will earn your ex’s admiration and respect and you will regain your self-confidence at the same time.

On a personal level, you can also set goals. They can be very varied: sport, travel, personal development, etc.

4.       Make your ex understand that he/she ruined everything:

Making your ex regret is also pushing him/her to regret the breakup. Even if your ex is not entirely at fault in the failure of your relationship, you have to push him / her to feel guilty a little.

5.       Make him/her to question himself:

It is often very difficult to push someone to question themselves when you are no longer in contact with this person. However, if you manage to control the image that you give to your ex from a distance, he/she will necessarily question himself.

Your ex will realize that he/she has lost a trustworthy person, with whom he/she got along well and who made him/her laugh for example. His decision to break up will become in his eyes a big mistake that he/she will bitterly regret.

This is how your ex will realize all your qualities that he / she denigrated during the separation of your couple. Therefore, making your ex regret is child’s play! You just have to show yourself in your best light and prove to your ex that he/she was wrong to break up.

Your ex will then question himself and feel guilty by telling himself that he/she has ruined everything. At that point, if your ex comes back to you apologizing for hurting you and saying he regrets breaking up, stay distant first.

Continue to widen the gap between you without completely rejecting it. The more your ex feels that you are pulling away, the more he/she will cling and become addicted.

6.       Become unique in the eyes of your ex:

To be sure to have a total effect on your ex, make sure you become someone unique in his eyes. In order to make your ex regret, he / she must understand that we are made for each other that we are essential in his / her life.

To do this, you have to reconnect with your ex and take it easy. You need to rediscover this complicity that you both shared before the breakup. It is only by discussing regularly that you will achieve this result.

Of course, I’m not asking you to become your ex’s best friend. You have to keep a little coldness and distance to make your ex’s lack grow. But that does not prevent you from having a real understanding between you. Listen to your ex, show him some attention. Thus, he/she will soon be unable to do without you and regret having broken up.

7.       Phrases to make your ex angry, is that a good idea?

After a romantic separation, we tend to want to “discuss” our ex. However, is this the best solution to make your ex regret?

–          Evidence of emotional weakness:

There are certain messages and certain things that you should not say to your ex at the risk of making a fool of yourself. For example, to make your ex regret, many of us are tempted to send him a message like “I never loved you, you did well to break up, it’s a huge favor that you have done me rendered”.

Writing this is evidence of emotional weakness. Indeed, by writing this message you are mainly trying to convince yourself of the “benefits” of this breakup. You try to hurt your ex but it has no impact on him/her. Saying that kind of thing is childish, immature and totally unnecessary. Your ex will immediately understand that you are lying to yourself and that you are mainly trying to make him/her angry.

Moreover, pretending that you have the wrong recipient by sending a message to your ex is just as useless. Some advise pretending to flirt with someone in this message. It’s supposed to make your ex jealous but he/she won’t believe such a coincidence for a single second.

It is generally more effective to say nothing to create lack in your ex. Thus, you prove your detachment and your indifference for him/her. Even if your ex won’t tell you honestly, telling him “I can’t talk to you, I have to leave” is bound to arouse his curiosity. This is how you will push him to ask himself questions: what is he/she going to do? Is he/she seeing someone else?

8.       To give a good image is worth more than words:

How to make him come back ? As I said before, making your ex regret is mainly a question of image. This is why it is better to focus on the image of yourself that you convey to others rather than on messages to make your ex angry.

There is no point in getting angry with your ex, insulting him or harassing him. On the contrary, it is better to prove to him that we live well without him/her and that the breakup is only a bad memory.

A broken heart is only a temporary pain that can be healed very quickly. It is enough to be convinced that a better life awaits us for the heartache to disappear. Have faith in your power of seduction, prove that you are worth more than what your ex thinks of you. This is the best way to make your ex jealous and craving!

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