9 signs that prove that he’s cheating on you

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Infidelity is a frequent cause of breakup in the couple. How to recognize a cheating man? What are the different signals to observe to know if he sees someone else? A relationship expert explains how to spot the signs of infidelity.

1. The cheating man is unreachable:

For some time now, your companion has been conspicuous by his absences and contacting him on his mobile phone has become as complicated as contacting social security.

2. He is less present:

Before, not a day went by without you still being glued to each other. Walks, salsa, cooking, shopping, parties… You did almost everything together. Times have changed, your companion seems more and more withdrawn and distant. He leaves you to go about your business alone and no longer seems to have any interest in family reunions and outings with friends, where you end up going solo.

Another sign that can indicate the presence of another person: if, on the contrary, he begins to reconnect with family, for example distant cousins ​​that you have never seen. And he is absent more and more often for these family reunions.

3. Your man suddenly goes back to sports:

Sport has never been his passion, except to watch it on TV. Despite some complaints about his “growing” stomach, he preferred to adopt the “walk to work and sleep” diet rather than sweat with you during a running session. Until the day when, in the middle of winter, he makes the firm resolution to get back to sport and goes to the gym every day to work on his chocolate bars.

4. His previous love stories tells a lot:

You have doubts about his fidelity and his romantic past is not there to reassure you. You know he’s cheated on his exes before. Besides the last one, he left it for you… Is he of a rather fickle nature or is he someone serious? The anecdotes of his friends about his many experiences as a “serial lover” and his fear of commitment amplify your discomfort.

5. He cares about his looks:

In addition to priding himself on a passion for sport, your partner, incorrigible phobic of shopping in ten years of relationship, suddenly renews his entire wardrobe. Your man dresses with the latest trends. He spends an hour in the bathroom in the morning to come out handsome and sexy like a magazine model.

6. He receives a non-stop of text messages in the middle of the night:

Midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m…. The vibrate mode of his smartphone gets excited very often at night. “It’s nothing, emails from insomniac colleagues and messages from his friends abroad,” he replies when you ask him who contacts him.

7. The infidel defends his private life like a cerberus :

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Everything that directly or indirectly affects his communications, SMS, calls or social networks like Facebook, has become strictly confidential and a minefield on which he is inscribed “no entry”. He hides his laptop like a schoolboy hides his exam paper from his classmate.

His phone announces a message while he’s in the shower? No need to try to take a look at it, access to his  smartphone is protected by a password. In short, his private life has become as secure as Alcatraz prison.

8. He seems more in love than ever:

To drown the fish, the unfaithful man can resort to classic expedients to put on the garb of the great romantic – a somewhat insipid approach which does not resemble him at all: he offers you flowers more and more often and invites you to Venice for the weekend, compliments you all the time. Guilt, need to be forgiven or simple proofs of love?

9. He accuses you of being unfaithful:

It may seem like a shame, but the unfaithful man may have doubts about your own loyalty and may need to be reassured about your love. He can be jealous or even suspicious. A diversionary strategy that often disarms and dispels doubts… the better to deceive you?

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