9 Things to do when boredom hits your relationship

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When you’ve been in love for many years, it’s normal for routine to gradually set in, and for boredom to eat at times. But don’t get on your high horse right away, just because we’re a little bored doesn’t mean we don’t love each other anymore. Here are 9 tips to give your relationship a boost and try to banish this ugly word from your romantic vocabulary! Couple boredom? We don’t know that anymore!

We spoke to a social scientist and couple specialist in her spare time, and she is annoyed that we keep associating boredom as a couple with a relationship, when it seems to be a completely personal matter.

In our society of solitary individualisms, we become prisoners of cultural watchwords: we must succeed. If I think that going to work, repeating the same gestures, making love with the same one every night, is to have missed my life, then I will tell myself that I am bored. Today, everyone divorces saying, “I was bored”.

Here are some solutions to fix it for good !

1. Making time for ourselves:

We have to try to avoid the metro-work-sleep routine that rules our exhausting weeks. Even if you only have one desire in the evening, it’s to go to bed, sometimes, reserve romantic moments between two days of work, it can help change the situation. So make time for your couple, at least once a week, if only for a little coffee on the terrace after a big day, a quick lunch to change from the cafeteria or a movie night on Tuesday evening! Small privileged moments that will make you want to start all over again.

2. Take short trips:

The ideal way to rekindle the flame that slumbers in you is to organize romantic getaways for a weekend. No need to burn everything for a 5-star hotel, Airbnb allows you to sleep in unusual places with very little budget! Trip to the Portland, Oregon, exhibition in New York or idleness in San Diego, California, disconnect from your romantic daily life and create new memories.

3. spice up your daily life:

Raise the temperature of your couple with “sexts” sent at odd hours! Your Jules will feel very exhilarated, while perhaps changing the vision he has of you. And the surprise always makes it possible to revive the love debate! We will never know each other enough.

4. turn off the TV:

We turn off the TV, and any other touch screen that unconsciously cultivates boredom in our couple. You are so addicted to US series that you even forget that you have a libido! Come on, let’s go up to bed (hoping that a new screen doesn’t sit in front of the nuptial bed), and more if you like!

5.Take a step back:

No one is stopping you from behaving like a couple of retarded teenagers, even if you are touching your thirties! From time to time, a good regressive trip is good! Headed youth hostel, summer festivals or hitchhiking abroad, everything is good to have fun like in the good old days. The main thing is to keep your child’s soul !

6. Revolt:

If your man still hasn’t figured out that you’re bored, and he’s also a bit at fault for it (even if you have your faults), you can still scream! To release this weight that haunts you, this sadness to see that you have nothing more to say to yourself. Maybe at this time, our guy will really realize what is eating you up and will allow room for dialogue, the real one. Communicate to solve problems, we have not yet found a better solution…

7. Make some surprises:

No need to offer him a Rolex watch connected to his smartphone to please him. You can very well concoct beautiful surprises for your better half with a small budget, or even zero expenses. Poem written by your hand, breakfast in bed in the morning, or romantic treasure hunt in the house, use and abuse small attentions!

8. question yourself:

Do you constantly complain to your well-made girlfriends that you are bored with your inattentive man? Do you have all the good reasons in the world to criticize him? Have you ever said to yourself that you may also be wrong in this story that is slowly being consumed? Do you remember the last time you whispered a word of love in the hollow of his ear, gave a compliment or a charming smile? Are you still jogging on the couch when you come home exhausted from your day? Put your ego aside and ask yourself the right questions. Of course, it goes both ways!

9. Move away for a while to find each other better:

The distance can sometimes amplify the feeling of love, and break the routine for good. Unless you are constantly on the move and never see your man, solo getaways of a few days could do your couple a lot of good. Weekends at your parents’ house, pajama parties with the girls or sporting events, separate yourselves a little from time to time. Boredom in a couple will no longer have a place with you !

By following these tips, boredom will have no place in your couple !

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