Who I AM ?

About Me

Hello! I’m Amira. Welcome to Halearon Travel (Pretty Little Tahwissa Experience) And thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.
I am a full-time civil engineer, I would have liked to reduce my working hours to travel more but for the moment it is not possible because I need my job to be able to travel. So I’m still figuring things out..

I am passionate about traveling and discovering new countries, cultures and history, for me each country has its own beauty and of course its history. I always do my studies and research before planning for my trip. I like everything organized especially when I go solo, and I really like to read and discover the story behind each place, monument, corner that I want to visit. On my website I will share with you my good plans, the stories that I learned about the places I visited, my good and worst moments that I lived, I will try to inspire you for your trip, give you ideas on places to visit, where to eat, transport… Everything you will need for your trip.

My website is still a baby, but I’ll do my best to improve it, I’m not one of those influencers with perfect outfits and poses, I built this website to share my experiences with you, to tell my stories, to help and share my love for travel with people who have the same passion as me, and honestly I’ll not lie to you that I also wish to earn some money to be able to help to finance my travels, clicking on the ads and reading me regularly will make me happy and will help me enormously.

One of my greatest dreams is to travel the world, and I don’t want that to remain just a dream. That day will come and when it does, I will very proudly say “I made it”.

Why "Pretty Little Tahwissa Experience" ?

So why “Pretty LittleTahwissa Experience” ? Let’s start by explaining that 3rd foreign word, Tahwissa is an algerian word that mean going out and enjoying time, changing of atmosphere and getting some fresh air. And its a “Pretty Little” because i usually stay for only 4 days in each town i visit. So the meaning is a quick and a beautiful travel experience with me.

The basic principle of my articles is to share two plans, the first will be my plan before the trip, and the second plan will be the one that I was able to actually carry out, so you will have ideas for your trip and you will be able to know approximately if your personal plan is feasible.

On my website i’ll be sharing my articles with two languages, English and French. English is my 3rd language, i write my articles in French and then translate them by myself. I’ve shared my originals articles for my French-speaking readers, also because i express myself better in that language. I hope my website helps me to improve my English too.

All the pictures on my website were taken using my Iphon 13 Pro.

My Core Values

My main goal in founding this website is to share my joy and my beautiful memories, as well as the bad ones in order to be able to help people who travel not to fall into the same mistakes.

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