Disputes in a couple: 7 effective Tips to avoid big conflicts

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The tension is growing ? Difficult to ignore the argument. Avoid the classic pitfalls with these unusual tips that have the merit of being effective!

Arguments in couple, that’s something that you know well ! You can’t help but jump in irritation as soon as your other half respond “you see, I told you so”. Whether your character is impulsive or not, you are not immune to spats. Rest assured, your couple is not floundering. Here are some effective tips to avoid arguments as a couple.

1. Don’t shout louder than him:

Calm things down as soon as the tone rises. If you get on your high horse when your man is already galloping, you risk counter-productivity. Take it upon yourself, whatever the reprimands, and breathe. You will calm things down straight away. And prove your maturity. There’s things more worse in life, right?

2. Relativize:

Got pissed off about the toilet seat? If the fight is lost in advance, relativize. Admittedly, it is irritating to have to lower the toilet bowl constantly after Mr. X has relieved himself, but does it really have to come to to shout oneself hoarse? Change method.

3. Put your pride aside:

 You know for a fact that you are wrong, but continue to persist in order not to lose face? You have a hard head, a real Breton! However, recognizing your faults is a great quality, which could get you out of many delicate situations. And make your other half want to cooperate.

4. Go for a walk:

To avoid blathering on nonsense that you might regret, slip away! A somewhat loose means, certainly, but which will have the merit of making you think. Come back once your nerves have calmed down to talk about it in a more calm way.

5. Stop constantly cutting him off:

Do you monopolize the argument every time it breaks out? Let your partner speak, to see what he has to say. Maybe it’s not that crazy.

6. Get into the habit of saying what’s on your chest BEFORE you argue:

Arguments in a couple are often the result of accumulated tensions. the drop of water that has made the vase overflow, in short. Get into the habit of telling your man what’s on your mind to avoid dwelling on these bitternesses that he would not have detected.

7. Integrate the fact that everyone has flaws:

You might get bored with a perfect man. Flaws, when not taken to extremes or incompatible with your lifestyle, can turn out to be charming. A way to spice it up. If your darling has the annoying habit of forgetting everything in his path, avoid reprimanding him, he is certainly much more affected than you by this personality trait… Be indulgent.

We are sure that arguments as a couple will no longer scare you!

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