How To Dress Perfectly on That First Date

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A first date can be intimidating and choosing clothes can be difficult. By thinking a little ahead and allowing plenty of time to prepare well, you can choose the perfect outfit that will help you feel confident. First impressions are important and to make a good impression you need to choose your clothes carefully and adopt a relaxed attitude.

Ask about the date :

Whether you or the other person is arranging it (or maybe both of you are arranging it), think about the terms of the date before deciding on an outfit. It will be easier to choose appropriate clothing when you know what is planned. If you go to the restaurant and the cinema, choose elegant clothes. Don’t forget to ask where you’re going to eat so you can decide how fancy you need to be. If you’re going on a hike, wear casual jeans and a t-shirt or sportswear.


There’s nothing stopping you from buying new clothes for the date, especially if you’re planning a fun activity that requires a few special items. While shopping isn’t necessary, if you’re wearing a new piece of clothing, it will show the person that you’ve gone the extra mile for them.

Try on several outfits:

Before choosing exactly what you are going to wear, try on several different outfits. A combination of clothes that looked perfect when you imagined it may look different when you actually wear it. Don’t be afraid to ask a family member or friend you trust for their opinion. If the date includes a high-movement activity, such as a dance class or a horseback riding session, make sure any clothes you try on are comfortable and don’t restrict your movement.

Wear comfortable clothing:

A first date is stressful enough. You don’t need to make yourself more uncomfortable by wearing nasty, overly tight, see-through, or very low-cut clothes that don’t fit the style you’re looking for. You’ll be more comfortable and confident in yourself if you wear comfortable clothes that you like. If you’re not comfortable with “daring” clothes, don’t wear them!

Show your personality:

Choose clothes that suit you. We all want to look as good as possible on a first date, but unless you’re going to a fancy dress party together, don’t try to dress like someone else. Wear an outfit that matches your personality and your tastes. In addition to helping you feel more comfortable, it will make it easier for the other person to know and like you as you are. OKAY. You want to impress him/her. However, don’t go about dressing thinking that he (she) will like this outfit.

Prepare your outfit:

Make sure it’s clean and ready to wear for the appointment. You don’t have to wear new or expensive clothes to make a good impression, but it is important that they are clean and well maintained. Be sure to wash and repair them as needed well in advance. If you bought a new outfit, remember to remove the tags. They are sometimes well hidden and you don’t want the person you are dating to spot them for you! To ensure your clothes stay clean and wrinkle-free, you could keep them in a closed garment bag with the accessories you plan to use and store them in your closet until you’re ready to wear them.

Choose a hairstyle:

Depending on the type of date, you will need an appropriate hairstyle. Choose one and practice making it several days before the date to make sure it goes well with your outfit. You don’t want to fight with your hair without knowing what to do with it at the last moment! If you’re going to do your makeup, you should also practice doing it a few days before the appointment to make sure the application goes well and the effect is what you want. Planning how you are going to do your hair and makeup will make you feel more comfortable and have more confidence on your big day.

Prepare your skin:

If you are a man who has redness after shaving or a woman who has pimples after eyebrow waxing, do these preparations 1 or 2 days in advance so that your skin has time to recover and be as beautiful as possible. While it’s important to look after your appearance, don’t force yourself to do things you’re not used to just for the date. If you think you have to dress a certain way or have a certain appearance just to please the other person, this one probably isn’t for you. You deserve to be loved as you are!

Watch the weather:

Before getting dressed, double-check the weather forecast for the date of the appointment. Even if you plan to spend most of the time indoors, you have to get to where you’re going and you want your clothes to stay dry and neat.

  • If it’s raining, take a raincoat. If it’s very hot, maybe thick pants with a long-sleeved shirt isn’t the best outfit.
  • If there’s a lot of rain or snow, it might be wise to wear boots to the meeting and pack some nice shoes that you can put on when you get to your destination.
  •  If it’s raining and you know the other person’s height, take a spare sweater, umbrella, or raincoat in case they haven’t thought of it. He/She will appreciate this thoughtful gesture and your foresight.


Even if you’re going for a 5k run for the date, you have to smell good when it comes time to find the person.

  • If you need to dry your hair before styling, allow plenty of time.

Don’t put too much perfume:

Some people are very sensitive to smells and perfumes and if you put too much on, they may find it very unpleasant. Spray only a small stroke or apply a few small dots.

 Deodorant is always a good idea, but avoid emptying the entire bottle in your armpits.

 Say something like, “Do you mind if I put on some perfume? or “You don’t have an allergy to certain perfumes?”

Avoid the sun and the hairdresser:

Avoid tanning or getting a haircut just before the date. A big, bright red sunburn or a bad haircut could completely ruin your look. Don’t make any big changes right before the date. One reason going to the hairdresser before a date is a bad idea is that the haircut may not look right on you! If it fails completely (it happens, sniff), you won’t have time to fix things. Getting a haircut is sometimes a good idea. If your hair is completely messy, this is definitely a good idea, so you can tame it.

Don’t be stressed:

It’s normal to feel nervous before a first date, but don’t let your clothes contribute to your stress. Assume your outfit with confidence, have fun and take the opportunity to get to know this new person you just met.

If you are nervous, you can do meditation or deep breathing exercises.

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