How to FAIL a Relationship

How to Fail a Relationship?

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Here are the tips to be sure to fail a relationship:

1-    To be dishonest or to be unfaithful :

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Lying for a yes for a no, hiding actions on the pretext that you are afraid of the reaction, pretending that you are fine when you are angry or upset, saying that you love when you have doubts, this is a path that leads in the medium or long term to the breakdown of the relationship, to the separation of the couple. And, even if your dishonesty is never discovered, even if that dishonesty doesn’t seem important, as it evolves, you’ll feel less and less engaged. You will no longer fully invest yourself, because with the help of guilt, to restore your self-esteem, you will end up reversing the roles and thinking that the other is at fault, that it is his attitude that has caused that…

Being unfaithful is not just having a relationship outside the couple. It is doing something that you know for a fact that the other will not appreciate, it is doing something that the other will feel as a feeling of betrayal. Often one of the partners breaks a rule of the couple, forgets the promises. And still for the same reason as in the case of dishonesty, since guilt cannot be lived smoothly, to boost your self-esteem, to balance what you think of yourself, you will end up accusing the other of being the because of your behavior.

Violating a sacred relationship agreement, whether that agreement has been spelled out or not, is a sure way to lead to relationship failure.

2-    Acting superior:

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To destroy a relationship, don’t stop thinking that you are smarter, more beautiful, more reasonable, more successful, more active, more… more. Make a habit of flouting each other’s efforts, try to win always and everywhere.

3-    Control everything

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Pay attention to everything your partner is doing. Always try to know what other people think, intimidate them, dominate them. Manipulate your partner to do what you like and to stop him from doing what you don’t like. Use fear, blackmail, offense. Respond with hostility whenever you feel in danger. All this can lead you to destroy your relationship and be alone for the rest of your life.

4-    Always be strong :

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Whatever you do, affirm without listening to others what you think, feel, believe. Do not show your paradoxes. Do not reveal your emotions. Don’t show your weaknesses. Think that you are always right to think what you think, to do what you do. This will allow you to believe that you have nothing more to learn and it will guarantee the futility of the efforts of others to help you be happy.

5-    To be critical :

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Criticizing occasionally can become constructive. But systematic criticism can be very damaging. If you are continually complaining or pointing out your partner’s misbehaviors, the communication will end up being boring and uninteresting.

6-    Be selfish :

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In addition to trying to always be right, being selfish is a great way to get the couple to break up.

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