How to find love without looking for it : The Best 7 tips

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Are you having trouble finding a shoe that suits you? We are not Doctor Love but we can always give you advice on how to attract your ideal man! Take note ladies.

Finding the perfect man is not easy, especially these days. We are often disappointed, we have a lot of expectations and we sometimes set the bar too high. Have you gone around and no longer know how to attract YOUR ideal man? We improvise Dr Love for you by offering you 7 good tips to attract the man of your dreams. Play it well !

1. What kind of man am I looking for?

This is the basis. You must define the profile of the man of your dreams (be reasonable) and answer the question “what is the ideal man for me?”

2. Where would he spend his free time?

Do you go to a party and complain that you never find someone who has the same passion for opera as you? You are looking in the wrong place. Go to the places you like to have the best chance of having common interests.

3. Being sociable:

Try to engage the conversation as much as possible. You must open up to others, sometimes even by asking simple questions about the lives of the people you meet. But above all, don’t forget to be yourself!

4. Be passionate:

 Highlight your passions and cultivate them. We don’t know why, but seeing you so determined and passionate would attract men. Keep your enthusiasm !

5. Take initiatives:

Do you prefer it when the man is the one who proposes each time and who takes the lead? Why shouldn’t you do it once in a while? You are also not told to annoy him with proposals but to show that you know what you want. It’s a great way to let him know you’re really interested.

6. Take care of yourself :

First, do it for your well-being and the self-esteem you have for yourself. Before pleasing others, you must please yourself. When you hope to meet someone and search for the rare pearl, you have to avoid greasy hair and curdled varnish. Show that you are a person who take care of itself and let people see that you have confidence in yourself!

7. Offer a listening ear:

You appreciate when people listen to you, don’t you? Men too! Imagine the effect it will have on him if he starts talking and you cut him off… If you want attention, you have to know how to give it.

My dear ladies, by following our advisers you will surely be able to find love without even looking for it !

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