How to Get From Rome to Florence

Hello friends ! I’m back with a new article about my trip to Italy. If you have read my previous articles you already know that my adventure in Italy began in Rome. Today I am going to share with you about the destination that I chose to discover from Rome and which was my second favorite in Italy, a city which surprised me with a such beauty that I did not expect, the city of a thousand charms… Florence!

To begin I will explain How to get from Rome to Florence:

To go from Rome to Florence, you have several choices and means of transport; either by car/carpooling, plane, bus or train, the latter is the most common way and the most practical, quick option:

Train :

With a high-speed train from Trenitalia (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento) or Italo, you can go from Rome to Florence in 1h:42min for a distance of 231 km. I took Frecciarossa for only 21.90 euros, basic it was 19.90 euros but I changed seats for 2 euros (Departure was from Roma Termini station at 06:45min and arrival in Florence -Santa-Maria-Novella at 08:27min) The train was on time and almost empty since it was too early, the seats were comfortable, there was a good free WiFi connection and the toilets were clean, I really enjoyed my first train ride in Italy.

I advise you to buy your tickets a week (or more) before your departure to take advantage of cheaper tickets, you risk not finding seats at the desired time or paying double price if you make your reservation the day before. It is best to book a ticket early in the morning to avoid crowds at the station and the metro too (if you plan to take it).

There are also regional trains which last 3h46min up to 4h (sometimes indirect lines with a change of train), almost at the same price as TGVs.

Useful information :

-In Florence there are several railway stations, the best known are; Florence Santa Maria Novella Station (S.M.N) which is the main train station in Florence, Florence Rifredi Station, Florence Campo di Marte Station. So it’s up to you to choose the closest station to your hotel, for me S.M.N was only 5 minutes walk from my hotel.

Frecciarossa trains can reach a maximum speed of to 300 km/h and connect the main Italian cities. All kinds of national, international and local trains stop at Florence Santa Maria Novella Station, having s a direct high-speed connection with: Bologna, Rome, Venice, Milan also a traditional connections with Bologna, Rome, Milan, Pisa, Prato–Pistoia–Lucca–Viareggio. International trains to and from Austria stop here too.

-The wagon N°03 offers snacks and drinks, as well as a full Italian menu for breakfast and lunch. I had a good cappuccino for 2.50 euros if I remember correctly.

-You can buy your tickets either on spot in the station from a counter/automatic machine or online; on Trainline or Trenitalia. (I recommend buying them online to avoid the lines and from Trenitalia because it’s cheaper).

There are agents who often check passengers’ tickets on board the train, so if you choose to buy your tickets on spot/from the machine, YOU MUST VALIDATE YOUR TICKETS BEFORE GETTING ON THE TRAIN otherwise you will pay a fine.

Bus :

The bus is the cheapest way, costing only 7 euros or less (3x cheaper than the train) but on the other hand, the journey time by bus is approximately 3h5min up to 4 hours (275 Km). There is, however, a little catch. Unlike trains, bus departure and arrival points are outside the city centers of Rome and Florence. This means additional travel time and additional costs to get to the city center (train, tram or taxi journeys to and from bus stations).

Useful information :

-You can book your bus tickets either on Itabus or on FlixBus.


-The travel time from Rome to Florence by car is estimated at 3h17min or more (276 Km) costing 50/73 euros. For taxis from/to the two airports it starts from 146 euros up to 500 euros.

-Carpooling costs between 16 and 23 euros.

Useful information :

-Book your carpool trip here blablacar.

Plane :

The plane ride lasts 2 hours (or more) and costs between 96 and 117 euros (it can reach 300 euros for last minute tickets), the flight takes 55 minutes but given that the two airports are located outside their centers- cities, you have to add the transfer time from/to the airports + the airport protocol… Basically I do not recommend this way and I rank it in last position.

Useful information :

-You can book your tickets on Ita-Airways for cheaper flights if you plan to fly.

If you are still unsure which means to choose, I assure you from my experience that the train is the best option and an excellent value for money. You will not regret it !

See you in the next post to tell you about my wonderful first day in Florence!

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