How to get out of the friendzone

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Most texts on the internet talk about and give advice on how to get out of the friendzone by addressing boys, because we believe that it is up to them to take the first step and tell us how they feel. It’s important to read all of these tips, because it will help you develop a romantic relationship and help you step out of the friendship zone in the most natural way and without forcing things.

1 .Knowing how to recognize that you are in the friendzone :

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This is perhaps the most important thing from which your outing begins. You feel very close with your new friend, you have good times together, you smile, you go out often and you talk a lot with him. And above all, in this first step you think that you are on the right path. And one day he says to you: My brother or my friend. This is the first sign that you are there, so it was important to point it out to you. As we often say – recognize the problem, we are halfway to its solution. So, don’t be afraid to admit that he considers you a friend. This can be changed, keep reading!

2. Be patient, time is your best friend:

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When we are in love, at the same time we are impatient. The desire to show and share our feelings with our lover is very great and we want to seduce him right away. What is needed in this case is an effective method, which is neither too fast nor too slow. The one that will allow us to get out of the friendzone without staying there too long. The ideal time to get out of it is a few weeks, dedicating ourselves to the bottom of this problem.

3. Dissipate a little, break contact with this guy and break the image of best friend:

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By following this advice, you are setting the stage for your seduction game. Move away from this person slightly, so that they ask themselves good questions. Above all, do not run away, as this may surprise your friend. Your disappearance will intrigue him, he will understand that your presence makes him happy, he will send you messages to see if you want to have a good time with him.

4.Don’t break out of group activities if you really want to see a group of friends:

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As we have already said, you should not completely disappear from the sight of the chosen guy. From time to time, you can agree to do things with him and other people, you can contact him again, but also you can be free to offer him some activities in two (going to the cinema, going for a drink, going for a walk etc). But remember – only offer these activities every day, remember: you are stepping out of the friendly zone! Also, meet new people from time to time, to fill the time better and to have excuses and avoid it from time to time.

5.Change of subject of communication:

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It’s obvious that your chosen guy considers you a friend if he talks to you about a little weird topics, such as if he talks to you in detail about his past romantic relationships. And if you want to become his girlfriend, you have to let him know that these are not your favorite subjects when you are together. You can cut him off by saying he’ll find a better girlfriend, and don’t develop that kind of communication. Your reactions to these themes should be very brief and you should change the subject often.

6. Don’t be desperate:

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Because your friend will not understand it, remember that he only considers you as a simple friend. You must remain pleasing in her eyes, not a girl who is desperately looking for love. Even if you are, keep it to yourself.

7. Try to make him jealous :

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A man and a woman sitting on the ground near a tree facing each other but only try to talk to her about another guy or talk to other guys in her presence. Be careful not to make a mistake he can hear (kissing another guy… this will only confirm your friendzone and bring you to the start of your relationship).

8. Don’t arrange a date with him too soon:

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Especially not a romantic date. If you want to ask her/him out on a date, do it in a more natural way: tell her/him you’re going to drink a new cocktail at a bar, and ask her/him to come with you. Because if you mention the word date to her/him, it can be scary. It is important to have this in mind!

9. Always keep a little mystery:

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Even if you grow closer and closer with your chosen guy, you should know that keeping a little mystery can improve your relationship. It is not interesting to anyone to have served everything all the time.

10 . You don’t have to be his personal psychologist:

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Telling each other everything confirms your friendship, so you must set limits in communicating with him and as we have already said, if you don’t like the themes, change them!

“However, it is one of the great perils of friendship to have crossed it with love. There is then no middle ground.” Rightly or wrongly.

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