How to get over a breakup quickly

You are now separated from your other half. Except that grieving your relationship is not easy to do. Here are 10 tips for moving forward. After beautiful months or beautiful years spent together, your story is truly over. So much arguments, infinite conflicts  and crises, here you are single again. A particularly difficult period to overcome for some. Breaking up means that there is no longer a possible future between you. As difficult as it may seem, it is important to put the past to rest. And that means detaching yourself from memories. In addition to getting rid of memories (photos, objects, etc.), it is important not to go to the places where you keep your habits. It would hurt you unnecessarily. Go ahead and discover new places. It can only do you good.

In order not to give in to eternal sadness, here are some tips that may be able to help you.

  1. Say whatever’s on your mind, speak and get off your chest :
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Make sure you’ve said everything you need to say to your ex. if you haven’t had the opportunity, the time or the courage, take a sheet of paper and write. You will see that you will feel better and lighter.

  1. Tell your friends how you are feeling:
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After a breakup, it is important to confide in your friends. Not keeping everything to yourself can be a relief and allow you to move forward more quickly. Look to confide in real friends who are great at giving you validation and empathy, avoid confiding in friends who crowd your experience out with their own opinions.

  1. Free your emotions and let them speak:
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There is no point in holding back your tears or pretending that everything is fine. Drop everything. Cry, shout if you need to. Once it’s all out, you’ll find that you’ll feel weightless.

  1. Evacuate the stress :
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To get all the bad energy out, workout. Play sports, go dancing, take long walks in the fresh air. With music in your ears, it’s even better to clear your mind.

  1. Avoid the places you used to frequent together:
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To avoid reviving memories that are still too vivid, avoid going to restaurants, bars and other places where you have kept your habits. This is an opportunity to test new addresses recommended by your friends and start your new life.

  1. Make new projects:
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Plan a trip for the New Year, your next holidays, your next weekends, repaint the living room…Plan cool projects that will help you project yourself without worrying.

  1.  Separate yourself from the memories :
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It’s hard but it is sometimes useful to do it, to let go the past definitively. Clothes, photos, jewelry, a seashell picked up at the beginning of your story… So many things that don’t help you get over the breakup if they are still in your house. So, give it back, donate to charities or throw it all away !

  1. Unfollow them on social media:
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There is nothing worse for sinking into sadness and falling into excessive surveillance. It doesn’t matter that he/she went to Prague for the weekend, that he partied 3 weeks in a row, that’s none of your business. So to avoid temptations to have virtual news, unsubscribe from its pages.

  1. Take time for yourself:
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Recovering from a breakup is also reuniting with yourself. To reconcile with oneself and approach the future with serenity, it is essential not to neglect oneself. Spend time in the bathroom, make an appointment for a spa treatment. In short, think of yourself !

  1. Go out with your friends:
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Don’t stay locked up in your house moping around. Dress up, make yourself beautiful and go out ! To restaurant, bar, cinema… There are plenty of things to do and your friends will be delighted to cheer you up! It’s an opportunity to share moments during which you will not think (too much) of your ex. Come on, try… You’ll see, you’ll get there !

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