How to make him miss you

What tricks and techniques to use to intrigue a man or how to miss a man?

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1. You must have self-esteem:

The woman who feels good about herself, who has a lot of self-confidence, is more likely to seduce a man. And also, he is more likely to miss her. By having self-confidence, the woman sends a positive energy which can produce the feeling of dependence in a man. Because men like to be in a relationship with a woman who knows what she wants, who is safe, independent, positive, who knows how to respect herself. Men don’t want to have a relationship with the woman who is insecure and they have to animate all the time. They want to spend time with an interesting woman, who has a lot of qualities. Having self-confidence is the first thing that will bring happiness and dependence in your relationship. When you want a man to miss you, show him that you have great self-esteem, that he must respect you. That you are an interesting, fun woman. Put your strong points forward, underline your physical beauty, your sensuality, your intelligence. Take time to get to know yourself, to develop your confidence and your personality, to be able to better to make your loved man misses you.

2. You must give freedom to the man you love:

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Women tend to cling too much to the beloved man, wanting to know their partner’s every move. This is one of the biggest faults of all women in the world. And we can say, men are afraid of these women; being in a relationship with a woman who is too clingy is terrifying for them. If you are wondering how to miss a man this is one of the things you absolutely must avoid. Men want to keep a dose of freedom when they are in a romantic relationship. They want you to give them space.A man must have freedom, he must spend time doing other things to feel a lack and to be able to feel good in your life as a couple. Do not try to control everything in his life, avoid suffocating him, because he can leave you and end your relationship. The man you like and in whom you want to produce the feeling of lack must never have the impression that he is in a cage.  You should never try to detach him from his friends or family. The best will be to find a middle ground. Both of you need to have a social life, regardless of your relationship. You must also keep your identities, so as not to lose all the things and all the people who were present in your life before your romantic relationship. Instead of being too present in his life, texting him and calling him constantly, take care of yourself. Keep going out with your girlfriends, read a book, enjoy your free time. If you want to create a large dose of lack in your partner, give him space, do not destroy his freedom.

3. You have to bring something unforgettable to the relationship:

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To miss a man, you must be a woman who will bring unforgettable things to your relationship, the one who will always create a unique atmosphere. If you want your presence to be remarkable, don’t be a woman who causes bad feelings in your loved one. Do not cause moments he wishes to forget, but good times. Your goal is to make your absence as remarkable as your presence. So you have to do unique, special things to enliven your partner when you’re together. It’s about creating a pleasant atmosphere in your relationship, doing little things, relaxing your partner so much, making him feel comfortable. If you manage to do all this, he will ask for more, that’s for sure! Use your imagination to surprise your partner, to do things he likes. Be a woman who is always there for him and understands his needs. Make an effort to always prepare unique things for him, try to create the image of the perfect woman in his eyes. If you do all this, your partner will surely notice your absence and you will create a great lack in him.

4. You must know the man you like or the one you love:

To create lack in a man, you must first know him. Because it’s almost impossible to create the feeling of lack in a man you barely know. Gradually, during the development of your relationship, you need to know his tastes, his hobbies. If you know what kind of movies or books he likes, what is his favorite series, it will be easier for you to seduce him. To do all those things that we talked about in the previous part. And so that he sees you as a unique woman. These are the little things you need to do, so that your boyfriend notices your absence.

5. You have to know how to be absent sometimes, and not necessarily disappear:

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A woman must learn to be absent, if she wants to miss the man she likes. She must subtly be absent, and not completely disappear from his life. Because if she disappears, the man she likes may end up not noticing her at all. She may seem disinterested. But if she learns to make herself absent, it is a technique that will surely give results. Do not respond very quickly to the messages he sends you, call him less often, reduce your activity on social networks. Be less available to him, sometimes find excuses not to go out with him every day. Next time when he calls you to spend the night at his place, come up with a reasonable excuse, such as telling him you have work to do. Moderate your presence in his daily life. Show him that you have your own life and activities. This will reproduce a feeling of lack in your loved one, and it is exactly this feeling that you want to evoke in him.

6. You must avoid taking too many initiatives:

It’s good to be a woman committed to your relationship, it’s good to always have a proposal for a romantic evening for two, but sometimes taking too much initiative is not necessary, if you want to keep the attention from your partner. You have to find a balance in your proposals and in all the things you do in your romantic relationship. If you constantly smother your partner with your proposals, with messages and calls, with surprises and sweet words, it can tire him out and drive him away from you. And to make him addicted, you have to balance everything. You have to limit your initiatives, you have to inspire your partner to take initiatives too. You have to let him breathe, so that he comes on his own when he feels the lack of you. So don’t do too much or too little!

7. You have to behave like a caring woman, but also show him that he can lose her:

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Your beloved man must be aware that the risk of losing you is present, if he does not behave properly. You are an independent woman, you do not belong to anyone. Nothing is certain, nothing is acquired, and especially love is not. Your partner doesn’t own you, and if they do something wrong, they need to know they can lose you. He must be aware that he can lose you if nothing holds you back in this relationship. You must, of course, be a caring and understanding woman for your partner, but never induce feelings of possession in him. Your partner and you must pay attention to each other, you must do everything for each other, but without creating emotional dependence. It is for this reason that you must work on your confidence, so as not to allow anyone to possess you and to better create lack in your loved one.

8. You have to do everything to avoid routine in the relationship:

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Many romantic relationships become the victims of routine. Routine widens the distance between lovers. This is why we must avoid falling into the hands of routine. Make sure every moment of your relationship is a good time for both of you. You have to be able to make him laugh, to listen to him, you have to look for him to protect you, you have to look for all the ways to break the routine in your relationship. If a man finds your relationship boring, he will soon try to end it. Remember to be yourself if you want a man to miss you.

Stay an authentic woman, different from all the others and enjoy a very beautiful relationship!

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