How to Win a Man’s Heart Through Text Messages

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Getting a man’s attention isn’t as complicated as you might think, ladies. When a man pleases a woman, she inevitably and constantly takes the lead in order to seduce him in the best conditions, hoping to get into a relationship with him and live a beautiful love story of indefinite duration. This is perhaps your case, yes you, since you are reading these lines. Sometimes things start well but in terms of duration, it can also take the opposite turn…

Obviously, the first exchanges and the beginnings of seduction are really important to establish solid and healthy bases. Except that here, everything was going well between you two, your exchanges by SMS were really pleasant and positive but suddenly, our guy became distant. As a result, the intensity and frequency of your exchanges have clearly decreased, so you ask yourself a thousand and one questions trying to convince yourself that “no, but I’m not going to write to him, it’s up to him to send me a message ! “.

It’s normal to tell yourself that and sometimes it works but not all the time.

Attracting a man by SMS… Is it a good idea?

While reading some of you, I could understand that many of you were wondering how to make a successful contact by SMS without coming across as a girl completely obsessed with love. Indeed, whether it is because a man stops answering you or on the contrary begins to attract his attention, SMS nowadays have a crucial place.

What to do ? What to say ? How frequently ? 

These are all questions that intrigue you and rightly so.

So let’s go back to the basics. Here we will give you examples of what you can do. This is a direction you can take and some advices to be able to attract a man’s attention without looking desperate. So take out your cell phones, open your eyes wide, here is another secret that we will reveal to you about men and how to get their attention casually while remaining very classy.

Here is 06 Examples of Text Messages to Get a Man’s Attention:

Sometimes you have to take initiative and relaunch it yourself. Don’t worry, there are many ways to get back in touch with this man without coming across as a completely hysterical reluctant and in extreme need of love. So to find out how to get a man’s attention or, simply, how to get him back without looking like a desperate woman, here are 6 examples of text messages to use :

  1. Bounce on the last SMS sent or received:

 To start, the easiest way is to simply bounce on the last message sent or received. If you talked about something in particular, you can ask him about it. For example, if you talked about a must-see movie or series, you can text them something like:”  Hello ! So, did you watch [insert the name of the movie or series in question here]? What did you think of it? » Don’t just ask him if he watched because he might just answer “yes” or “no”.

Do not forget to ask him for his opinion so that he writes you a longer message in which he can express himself so that you can in turn bounce on his answer.

Well, if he hasn’t seen it and he simply answers “no”, don’t panic, just continue the conversation, but don’t forget to give him poles so that he can answer because if you reply :

” Ah OK. or “Okay, tell me when you’ve watched it!” », he will not have too many ways to bounce back to continue the discussion and will just say « ok », end of the conversation. Yes, with some guys, you sometimes have to work a little bit harder to get them, but just in the beginning 😉 

  1.  Suggest something implicitly:

You also have the option of implicitly offering something like: “I’m going for a hike this weekend, tell me what are you doing? »

Well, we’re giving you the example of a hike, but you can put whatever activity you want, whether it’s a movie, shopping, cycling, a trip, it doesn’t matter as long as he can bounce back by saying that he would join you well (prefer something that would please him, of course).

And then, it all depends on the temperament of the guy in question because he won’t necessarily dare to fit in here, either he will react directly by inviting himself and you just have to accept, or he wouldn’t fully understand the message and you will have to invite him directly but at least it will already allow you to see if and how he responds to your follow-up text message!

  1. Do not send long texts:

 To relive a bond with a man without looking like a desperate woman, you shouldn’t send a long text message. Inevitably, if you send an extended text message, he will not have read it yet and he will say to himself “OMG! she’s bloody annoying! or maybe he won’t think that of you, but hey, don’t take that risk and just go for the simplest thing because here, it’s just a question of relive the bond between you, nothing more. Let’s get back to our sheep. You can send for example something like the following:  “Hey I was thinking about you so I come to the news. How are you ? » 

It’s simple, short and self-explanatory. It is up to him to answer you, to make the contact last, or not. At least you’re straight to the point, you’re not boring and, most importantly, you’re honest. You are thinking of him, which is true, so it is only natural that you write this text to him.

  1. No for uppercase letters or exclamation/question marks:

Do not think that this is an unimportant detail but above all do not put capital letters or excessive exclamation / question marks. Of the kind :

“So, you’re not answering anymore ?????!!!!!! I’m thinking of YOU, ME!!!!! »

Well, that’s a really extreme example, though, if you’re the type to send this, stop right now! By using excessive capital letters and exclamation/question marks, you really show that you are annoyed and that you are putting pressure on him. With that, he really won’t want to answer you or see you again and you will really come across as a desperate woman.

  1. Do not send 50 messages in a row:
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Another big mistake that happens far too often, whether from girls or boys, is to send lots of messages in a row. Frankly, it’s super annoying to put one or two words per line and press “enter” every time! Hello, the repeated notifications and the stress that rises thinking “who the hell is harassing me with all these messages? “. And yes, it’s really harassing so please, keep in mind not to send 50 messages in a row like:

” Hi

It’s okay


What are you doing

? »

Well, there again it’s really annoyin, 5 notifications just for that, it’s frankly unpleasant! It could be worse than that but whatever it is, don’t do that! If you have several things to say to him, then write a single little text and send all at once.

  1. Send a photo of something he likes:

 You can also relaunch the bond by choosing to send him a photo of something he likes, whether it’s an object, an animal, an activity or anything else that he’s sure to like. You can insert a little humorous caption or just something like:

“I thought of you when I saw that! + the photo.

He will necessarily react if it is something he likes. If he doesn’t answer you, it’s because he’s busy or he doesn’t want to continue the conversation, so don’t insist because you’ll really look like a desperate woman.

Now let’s play, ladies !

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