Run away if you meet this type of guy

The 7 types of men to avoid:

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1 . Dodging the “mommy’s boy”:

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First, the number 1 man to avoid is the one who hasn’t cut the cord. We saw it in the article that explained how to make a man taller. The psycho-sociological role of femme fatales is to punish boys who have not yet been symbolically abandoned by mom often enough. Over time, mum’s boy is a boy that you will dominate, vassalize. He will not have the resilience and unconditional energy to stand up to you. They are men to flee because you will get tired of them and you will martyrize them psychologically. He cannot be your psychic compass, since you cannot be his physical compass.

2. The clichéd man:

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Then, another case of men to flee, the cliché, the stereotype. The guy with the dark jacket, the light shirt, the Raybans, the white and black Audi, who has the house with the swimming pool. The one whose acquaintances, friends, experiences, exes seem to come out of a catalog of clichés. Learn to understand men, this one is quite dangerous for you. Indeed, he is someone who has not developed his own tastes. And a man who hasn’t developed his own tastes has no assertiveness. It is often someone who, through a lack of feminine discernment, has managed to cheat his world and have real success. Many women are seduced by male archetypes. For example the gray V-shirt with the biceps sticking out. There are also for the CSP+, all the signs of the bourgeoisie: the Jaguar, the holiday home in the south-west of France… All these clichés will dispense the man from developing a singularity, his own discernment, by displaying the lowest common denominator of the successes of others. You might have surprises, and be severely disillusioned .

3 .Escape from the materialist:

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The materialist is the one who noticed that flaunting material possessions made him more or less interesting. So he keeps adding to it. There is inevitably a discrepancy between promise and reality. This risks being a difficult exchange, if there is not an extremely clear distribution of roles. In fact, you will be punished if you do not play your role of bimbo or housewife constantly. The materialist’s problem: there must be action/reaction. That is to say, as long as it sends money, it waits for you to play the assigned role. If for some reason, one day, you don’t do it, he will get angry, break everything thinking he can buy back his toy. In short, it’s a friable and potentially brittle relationship, so men to flee.

4 .Forget the “overbooked”:

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The one who reminds you that his time is precious. It should be noted that if his time is short, that you have to fight to see him, it means he has better things to do! Ask yourself if he is married, has children or even if he lives with mom… If he makes you feel that it is a privilege to have granted you half a day, he is to be classified among the men to flee!

5 .Refrain if it is an “internet troll”:

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I call “internet troll” the one who can’t help but connect in the evening, to 4 forums, 5 Twitter accounts, 6 Facebook pages, obviously with different nicknames. As soon as your back is turned, he can’t help nervously typing on his keyboard, to defend and debate his political or other opinions. Beware, those who have too rich a virtual life are generally deficient in life!

6 .Move away from “full of diplomas with extra self esteem”:

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It must be recognized that anyone who lists all of their diplomas or skills at the end of an email is simply an idiot.

7. Last type of men to avoid…I’m going to get booed…too bad!

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Avoid short guys! I know, I know lots of cute little guys! Let’s rephrase: avoid men who have accumulated a number of rakes or failures with women. Specifically because they created resentment. It’s sad but they will not hesitate, in general, to make you pay for it.

Obviously this list is incomplete. So do not hesitate to complete it and share your comments and your experiences of men to avoid!

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