Speed ​​Dating: 10 tips you must know

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If you want to succeed in a speed dating evening you must make a good impression on the participants, so that they want to deepen your meeting. To do this, I am going to give you a series of tips that will allow you to better understand each speed dating encounter, and to encourage as many women as possible to want to see you again.

1 .Select the right speed dating parties :

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If you live in a big city, with some research on the net you will find a myriad of speed dating parties to attend. And if you have never tried the experience before, you could make the mistake of going to any of them, at will. But beware: not all speed dating parties are created equal. It’s important to know that. As with dating sites, some parties target a specific profile of people. This may be based on age, professional status, religion, or other. Find out beforehand. Then, select the evenings when you have the opportunity to:

    -Meet as many girls as you like.

    -Meet the girl profile you like.

Do not hesitate to take as much information as possible before registering for a speed dating evening. If necessary, call the organizers for more information. The better you select the speed dating to participate in, the better your chances of “matching” with girls during these evenings, while investing as little time and money as possible.

2. Put yourself to your advantage:

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Take speed dating seriously: get ready to seduce! Exactly like you would prepare before going on a date with a girl you like. Because, who knows, maybe at this evening you will really have a “mini-date” with a girl you really like. You need to be on your side in case this happens.

    -Be super clean: hygiene, clothing… everything must be impeccable.

    -Be well dressed, well groomed, trim your beard if you have one.

    -Put on a good perfume, but be careful not to smell too strong (you don’t want it to “sweeten” too much).

Remember that a good part of the impression you give is through appearance. The goal is indeed that it under-communicates a maximum of qualities and a minimum of defects.

3 .Always arrive a little early at speed dating:

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As simple as this advice may seem, follow it. Always arrive at a speed dating party early, by at least 10 to 20 minutes. You will feel less stressed by arriving early. On the one hand, because you have time to relax. If you’re a little nervous, you can do some deep breathing or relaxation in a corner, listen to music, read, or watch an entertaining YouTube video. On the other hand, you can familiarize yourself with the environment in which you will “operate”. This will allow you to feel more comfortable there when the evening begins, and to identify some elements of the decor that could possibly be used to fuel a conversation. Additionally, you can also start shadowing a few participants ahead of time (especially the ones you seem to like). And, there too, you can take the time to notice a few things about them (clothes, accessories, hairstyles, etc.) that can be used during the conversation. Remember that women love men who have an eye for detail! If you are late, or if during your trip you are afraid of being late, you will on the contrary arrive feeling stressed. This will negatively impact your non-verbal language and your attitude. So to make sure that doesn’t happen, always plan to arrive early.

4. Be ready to chat:

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The worst scenario that could happen during a speed dating meeting would be to find yourself in front of a girl you like and not know what to say. At this level too, you must be prepared. In particular, have a few basic questions prepared in advance, if possible original and open (which can start a conversation). The questions should be rather light, so avoid those like “do you plan to have children/get married?” » Instead, ask questions like, “What would be a perfect romantic evening for you?” “. Then, if she is participatory enough, build an imaginary scenario with her. You can also do a “social warm-up” before the party starts. Perhaps you have already realized this: there are times during the day when you feel more talkative and sociable than others. If you haven’t had any social interaction all day before going on a speed date, chances are you’ll feel “socially cold” once there. But if, on the contrary, you have had plenty of pleasant little interactions beforehand, you will feel talkative and full of energy. In reality, the speed dating meeting starts even before the evening has officially started. When you are on the path, take the opportunity to have “small talk” with people.

For example :

    -Stop at the bakery en route to buy a pastry and chat with the baker.

    -Give a compliment to a woman you meet: tell her that you like her pumps, for example.

    -Socialize with a few people on the road and then with the party organizers.

If you warm up properly, when you start speed dating, you’ll feel chatty and energetic.

And that, women will notice. Not only will you find what to say effortlessly, but it will also inspire women to participate more (internal state is contagious).

5.Take care of your speed dating intro:

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There is a famous saying that we often end as we began. Indeed, the way you start an interaction sets the tone of the meeting. If you are shy at the start, the chances that you will remain so during the minutes of interaction that follow are high. If, on the contrary, you start off immediately sociable and enthusiastic, even if you “force” it slightly at first, there is a good chance that you will continue your momentum during the next few minutes of the speed dating meeting. And in this second case, the chances that you install a “good feeling” are 100 times better! Every time you go to a new table, think about the attributes you would like to exude (enthusiasm, confidence, friendliness, etc.) to make a good impression. Then apply yourself to release them immediately.

6 .Remember that communication is mostly non-verbal:

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According to scientific estimates, up to 97% of communication is non-verbal. That is, girls don’t just evaluate you on what you tell them. They also evaluate you (and ESPECIALLY) on what you release non-verbally. This may encompass:

    -Your posture.

    -Your facial expressions.

    -Your look.

    -Your body language.

    -The tone of your voice.

    -Your attitude.

During each speed dating meeting, remember to deliver good non-verbal content. It is actually more important than the verbal content during the conversation. In a pinch, a woman can forgive you for not having a super interesting conversation. After all, the exercise of speed dating, or talking to a stranger for several minutes, is not so easy. On the other hand, bad non-verbal language is systematically disqualifying!

7.Be good company:

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Just because you’re not trying to impress doesn’t mean you have to be flippant. Will you come up in a good mood, funny, interesting, personable. In summary, be good company. Not in the hope of pleasing all the girls you are attracted to, but to have a good time with other people. It’s always nicer to be in a good mood, laugh with people and have a good feeling with them. If a girl enjoys your company during speed dating, great. But if she stays aloof, isn’t receptive to your “good vibe,” and doesn’t particularly appreciate your humor, what does it matter? Your goal is to have a good time, not to try hard to please the world! So be good company, show the best version of yourself to everyone. But don’t try to please all the girls either. Instead, try to be pleasant, because it allows you to have positive interactions and have a good time. Interested (and interesting) girls will come forward on their own afterwards.

8 .Avoid the job interview:

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During a speed dating meeting, you find yourself in a rather special context. You are facing a stranger and you only have a few minutes to get to know her. In general, you are not sure what to say to him at first. You might then be tempted to ask her questions, such as what she does for a living, where she lives, etc. The problem is that by doing this the interaction risks taking on the appearance of a “job interview”. And you must avoid this at all costs! The conversation should be light, interactive and entertaining. In other words: much more emotional than factual. So avoid standard questions as much as possible.

9. look into the eyes:

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It’s nice to have a smooth and fun conversation with a girl. But do not forget that part of the “feeling” also goes through the non-verbal. The smile, facial expressions and (especially) the look are important elements. If you observe a few speed dating encounters around you, you will notice that men dare not look women in the eye. It is wrong!

The exchange of looks, especially when it is slightly prolonged, creates attraction and rapport. When you chat with a girl in speed dating, do not hesitate to look her in the eye. Of course, it’s not about staring at her like a psychopath. Your eyes should not stay locked with his during the entire meeting. On the other hand, the more you have exchanged glances together, the better it will be.

10. Practice often

Finally, do not neglect the importance of practice! With all the advice you’ve received, you might feel like you know it all and are ready to go speed dating. But that’s not the case, at least for now! You may have acquired the theory, but you still need the practice. As with everything, even if you know by heart the best tips for successful speed dating, you will still make mistakes and have trouble applying some of them.It’s natural, don’t worry. The more you speed date, the more comfortable you will feel in this exercise and the more effective you will be. After going through the theoretical phase, you must go through the internalization phase of this theory.Until you can apply it naturally without having to think about it. And when you have succeeded, you will be a real speed dating pro and you will conclude for sure!

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