The best ways to make your ex regret -Part one-

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After a breakup, many people want to make their ex regret the breakup. Whether it’s to bring back the love of your life or simply for “revenge”, making your ex regret very quickly becomes an obsession when trying to overcome a breakup.

When you try to hurt your ex, it’s often out of anger or spite. We try to hide the pain of the breakup and to prove to others as well as to ourselves that we do not let ourselves be defeated by the failure of a romantic relationship. You try to keep up appearances and you force yourself to move on.

There are a lot of and multiple ways to make your ex regret the breakup. Of course you have to make the difference between making your ex regret and taking revenge on him/her. The goal is not to crush his ex and make his life impossible and too painful. He/she has already suffered enough from the breakup, just as much as you. It’s more about showing him/her what he/she lost by leaving you.

Making your ex regret is very effective when trying to win him back. But it’s also very useful if you want to prove to him/her that he/she was wrong to break up or even make him/her regret the way he/she behaved.

How to get revenge on your ex? Here are 6 ways to make him regret the breakup :

1.       Keeping your distance to make your ex regret:

Keeping in touch with your ex can be reassuring after a breakup. But in this case, can my ex regret the breakup? It is very difficult to give regrets to your ex if you remain close to him/her after the separation.

2.       Follow me and I’ll flee, flee me and I’ll follow:

When it comes to winning back, we tend to want to ask our ex as much as possible to prevent him/her from forgetting us. You may have had the reflex to keep in touch with your ex by promising to simply remain friends. But this is clearly not the best solution when trying to make your ex regret.

Indeed, it is necessary to impose this controlled distance from the rupture. At first, it is better to enter a phase of radio silence where you cut all ties with your ex. Make sure you don’t have any contact, direct or indirect, with your ex for at least a few weeks. This will allow you to take a step back and overcome the breakup more calmly and effectively. And then, your ex will also start asking questions… because without news from you, he or she will wonder if you have found love again, if you are finally happy since your separation.

Thereafter, you can very well reconnect with your ex. However, you must always maintain this distance between you. Don’t harass him/her with messages, stay cool with him/her and show that you’ve moved on. This will comfort your ex in the idea that you are in the process of rebuilding yourself and that you are living it rather well.

Your ex shouldn’t feel like you’re addicted, or that he/she is indispensable in your life. Do not respond immediately to his/her messages, show yourself busy and prove to him/her that he/she is not your priority. It is also a good way to make him regret his behavior during the breakup or during your old relationship. Thanks to the radio silence and your new behavior, your ex will become less confident, doubtful, and really start to wonder what you’re doing.

You’ll soon realize that your being distant and resisting him will drive your ex crazy. You will thus create a lack and your ex will quickly give himself the challenge of winning you back.

Follow this advice to the letter, and I can guarantee you results… but it’s not over, read on!

3.       I don’t need you in my life:

Experiencing heartbreak is certainly difficult. But you have to learn to become strong and independent again. By imposing a certain distance between you and your ex, you will almost automatically insinuate doubt in his mind. Your ex will become frustrated, but this distance shouldn’t just be used to make your ex regret.

Indeed, you must also convince yourself that your ex is not essential, that you can very well live without him/her. Making your ex regret is also a way to get over a breakup and heal from a broken heart. You must therefore work above all on your own person and on what you feel.

4.       Give a better self-image:

To make your ex jealous, sometimes you have to make some changes in your life. Only by showing that we have become a better person will our ex understand what he/she has lost.

5.       The Revenge Body:

The concept of Revenge Body is very simple and very effective when it comes to making your ex regret to win him back. It’s about making a fresh start and getting back to taking care of your body. Become “hot” to show your ex what he/she has lost and prove to him that your are much better than what he/she said about you.

As its name suggests “the Revenge Body” allows you to take revenge after a betrayal or a breakup. Of course, getting revenge on your ex is pointless and totally childish. Rather, it’s about proving to your ex that you can be a much more beautiful person than he/she imagined. If you are overweight, for example, exercising and eating a balanced diet will help you have a healthy body and feel good about yourself. Above all, the Revenge Body should help you regain your self-confidence and convince yourself that you are much better than what your ex may have said or thought of you.

If you feel good about yourself and have no self-esteem issues, you have no reason to practice Revenge Body. On the other hand, playing sports is always a good way to clear your head and let off steam. Even if it’s not to have a body that will make your ex rage, regular sports practice is always positive after a separation.

6.       Notable changes:

Changes don’t just have to happen physically. It is also necessary to correct the small faults that he/she reproached you for during your relationship or during the breakup.

Start by identifying your main faults, those that have had a significant part in the dysfunction of your relationship. It is by having clearly identified them that you will be able to act on them more easily. Do not take into account all the reproaches that have been made to you by your ex during arguments. Out of anger, he/she may have said things he/she didn’t really mean.

Let’s take a very simple example. If your ex accused you of being capricious and angry, you must learn to control this anger. You must do it for your good and that of your loved ones above all. You will surely find help from them. They will support you in your approach and help you in difficult times.

If your ex learns that you have become a calm and patient person, he will surely be surprised. It is by accumulating all these positive changes and these evolutions in your behavior that you will manage to make your ex regret.

You can also, if it’s complicated for you, get help from a professional, a psychologist, for example, or a sophrologist, or even a hypnotist… but yes, they can help you get a fresh start. It’s up to you to see what needs to be changed to become better emotionally and choose the right method to get there.

Know that nothing is impossible, and that everyone can change, it only takes some will and the help of third parties.

7.       Controlling your image to make your ex regret:

Changing to make your ex regret is good. But how to make him come back and make him react? How can I make my ex realize what he/she has lost?

8.       Use social networks intelligently:

Social networks are very useful when it comes to making your ex regret. You still have to use it wisely. Indeed, you have to show your ex that you live very well without him/her and that the breakup has had no real effect on your life.

But this message must be implicit and included in a multitude of evidence. Indeed, if you write on your Facebook “I live very well without you, you did well to break up, it’s the most beautiful thing that has happened to me! », you will discredit yourself immediately. Your ex will have proof that you still think about him/her and that you are simply trying to convince yourself that you are better off without him/her.

Instead, regularly post photos where you are looking your best and in good company. If you’ve changed physically, your ex won’t take long to notice. Show yourself in different situations where you have fun and where you prove that you have the joy of living. Control your image on the networks to bring out only the positive.

Your ex won’t be able to stop himself from “monitoring” your activities and following your progress. It is only then that he/she will bitterly regret having broken up.

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