Top 6 movies to watch on a first date

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The first date is an important event, so choosing a movie to watch with the person you love should also be taken seriously.

So which movies are perfect for a romantic evening?

Movies that are perfect for a first date :

We offer you a selection of films that will add romance and good humor to your date.

1 . Crazy , stupid, love (2011):

A very sweet and moving film, completely appropriate for a first date and speaking directly to the viewer you need to search for the love in your heart.

The main character, Cole, has been abandoned by his wife, after which he, a heartbroken rich man of forty, becomes a protector of Jacob Palmer, who teaches him how to seduce girls and try to quickly forget his former love.

2. Love happens (2009):

The hero lost his wife not so long ago, but this tragedy becomes for him the most ambiguous twist of fate – he publishes a book on how to cope with the pain of loss, and it becomes a success, and the once unfortunate widower becomes a celebrity. Now he has everything. Except love.

And the meeting with Eloise – a strong and self-confident girl, introduces her life in the most unusual direction.

3. Jupiter (2015):

If on your first date you decide to go to the cinema, then you can safely choose the evening session of the film Wachowski (“The Matrix”) “Jupiter: The Fate of the Universe”.

A fragile girl who finds the strength to fulfill the fate of the whole world, a handsome prince from their parallel worlds, ready to defend her.

We’re sure your first date in front of a blue screen will be awesome. Don’t forget to pack some popcorn and cozy blankets, and get a romantic vibe

4. 50 first date (2004):

A veterinarian passionate about arctic marine fauna, Henry Roth has dreamed for 10 years of going to live in Alaska to study the behavior of walruses. But for now, he works in Hawaii, accumulating female conquests among tourists. However, the day of departure finally arrives. Unfortunately, Henry’s small sailboat suffers damage, forcing the traveler to stop at the Hukilau café, where one of the customers, the young Lucy Whitmore, catches his eye. Noting that the current is going well between them, they decide to meet again. But the next day, Lucy behaves as if Henry were a complete stranger. The latter then learns that the young woman is suffering from short-term memory loss. Therefore, to win Lucy’s heart, the fickle vet will have to win her back every day.

5. Five feet apart (2019):

Stella and Will are young people like no other: they live in a hospital. Indeed, their failing immune system prevents them from getting too close to others. Stella is an eternal optimist. Organized and dynamic, she runs a blog followed by her friends. Will, on the contrary, is taciturn and completely refuses the help of doctors. Irremediably attracted to each other, they must nevertheless leave two meters between them.

6. A walk to remember (2002):

Landon Carter is the archetypal American cool and superficial high school student. He meets Jamie Sullivan, a rather introverted young girl, endowed with unfailing optimism and a sense of repartee that she uses at the expense of Landon.

While everything pits this boastful and smug ringleader against the shy teenager, fascination gradually gives way to love. Turning his back on his old friends, finding new meaning in his life, Landon is ready to start a new life with Jamie, but this one refuses to commit.

Landon soon learns that she has an incurable disease. Landon and Jamie will have to learn to accept fate and make the most of the little time they have left.

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