Top 8 ways to get a guy to ask you out

Credits Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Do you like this special man and you want to be in a relationship with him? Do you want him to take the first step?

Here are 3 steps to push, a man to invite you on a first date, subtly and without looking like a clingy woman. Indeed, imagine that you met this man for the first time during a party of a friend , you spent hours chatting, you really liked him, but nothing more happened, he has not yet taken the first step to invite you… What to do?

-STEP ONE: Show him that you’re interested

So if that guy is here talking to you for hours, well know he’s interested, and if he hasn’t mentioned the infamous first date yet, well know he’s a little hesitant and isn’t really sure if you’re interested in him… that’s why YOU have to show him your interest… and to do that, it’s very simple: ask him personal questions, like what he likes to do in life, what he likes to do on the weekends, ask him what his life projects are, his dreams, his passions… in short, push him to TALK and above all, show him that you are interested in a very sincere way. Listen to him carefully and pick up on what he tells you… The second way to show that you are interested is to touch him subtly, pat his hands when he tells you a joke… or the great classic… you tell him “wait, I am removing a little hair from under your eye” and there you touch him very sensually.. believe me… it will wreak havoc!! This is diabolically effective!


The second step is very simple… you have to bait him and wait for his reaction… for example you can say that there is a new bar in the area where you would like to go with ‘someone’… throw the bait , take a deep breath… if he ain’t dumb he’ll pounce on the opportunity and tell you that you two should go together… I guess you want to date interesting and smart men… so if a man doesn’t understand your ‘bait’ so I’m afraid he’s not the perfect man for you…


Step let’s say optional… but recommended… so let’s suppose that this man still hasn’t asked you to go out with him… well it’s high time to show him your qualities as a woman leader, a woman who knows what she wants… and you go invite him and say something: you know what, I find you interesting…let’s have a ‘quick’ coffee next week, I have a slot on such a day at such a time…it will be my pleasure to share this moment with you”

And you add nothing at all… the ball is in his court now. Again, if he’s interested, he’ll happily accept…otherwise, if he tells you he’s busy well, well, well…thank him, and move on…my grandma taught me since that I was small that if a man rejects me, he simply gives me permission to meet another guy…simple, as hello!

So there you have it… 3 steps for you to get the man you like to invite you… in the next articles… we will give you the tips to seduce him DURING your date, so that you get a 2nd and a 3rd date -you…

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