Why Most Relationships Fail

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Expectations today are very high, especially on the side of women.

-Women want that man there who earns more than her or double what she earns before they can build something positive with him.

-Many women want that man who has time for her, and at the same time works like crazy to maintain their own lifestyle.

-Many women have very bad attitudes. There are those who raise their voices too much in front of their spouse, there are those who want to control everything in the relationship, there are those who want to be feminists in a relationship, there are those who think that they have all the rights and no duties Many don’t want to have a relationship with a man they outgrow except for one-night stands to help out.

-Many women want a man who has a dream body like Cristiano Ronaldo.

-Many women want to live a star life with a boyfriend who barely earns $500 a month. Many women want to be in a relationship and at the same time be on the market, that is to say by showing off on social networks

-A lot of women don’t want to build with a man, they just want to be with a man that’s already built. So if they make a bad judgment about their man by getting into a relationship with him, as soon as they discover the true face of the man, they take to their heels.

-Men are not themselves, they project an image other than the one they are. They claim to have resources and goods that they do not have. They project a life that they don’t have in real life.

-Many men are immature, which is why they date women who have big butts and a pretty face instead of looking for the smart woman who can make him progress.

-Women want to be loved as they are but are not ready to love men as they are.


Credits Drazen Zigic from Freepik

Communication is sorely lacking in couples.

   – When there is a financial problem in the man, he prefers not to tell his wife anything for fear that she may leave him. He therefore prefers to suffer alone while looking for solutions. During this time his wife begins to have attitudes of disrespect because of the lack of resources at home.

    -When there is a problem of functioning in the couple, we prefer to keep the secret for fear of spoiling the relationship while ignoring that silence is already spoiling this relationship. In Africa for example some people still continue to believe that it is a curse to be either impotent or sterile.

   – The lack of communication makes you feel like you are trapped in a relationship with a stranger.

– Women say all the time that they want communication but as soon as the man opens up a little to her, she takes it for weakness and starts disrespecting him. She does not want to accept this childish side of man. She still wants to see this side of hero and brute that society has made of man. It is already programmed in his head that the true man must be a given model.


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–    Many women today proclaim loud and clear that they are independent and strong and that they do not need a man. And yet at night they do somersaults with this young man, they make love with this young man. But this young man is not a woman, he is a man. Their attitude means that once they are in a relationship, they forget their roles as women and play the role of men. She wants to control everything. She needs a man but she’s wrong that she doesn’t. This woman is actually hurt deep inside because of some problem and it becomes her leitmotif. She is not cured yet. This is the kind of woman who will be inseminated to give birth. It is this kind of woman who grows old alone, poor or rich, beautiful or ugly but very bitter. Connecting with her is a failure from the start because she lacks humility.

–    Feminists are that kind of woman with whom being in a relationship is real hell. She other has all the rights and no duties. All that goes through his head is the wrongs that society does to women, the good that society does to men. She is the one who wants this robot man who has to treat her like a queen, who has to take care of her, who has to worship the woman, a man who has to solve all these problems. In his mind, all the problems in society are caused by men. She actually envies the man. She wants to do everything man does, she wants to have everything man has. In short, she is a girl who lives in her world using manipulation and victimization as secret weapons. The man is never good enough for her. What intrigues among this lot of women is that most are ugly, incompetent and complexed.


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Social networks have shown the face and the true identity of everyone. We realize that there are thousands who spend all their time only validating and following models and female stars of social networks. But when you look too close, these women are selling themselves on social networks for “likes” which will bring them a few dollars. Who would like to be in a relationship with this kind of person. Even if we are patient we will eventually let go over time. And it’s the same for these men who are very handsome, they can’t always appear on social networks, otherwise in the end, they risk cheating on their spouse. It’s inevitable.

5. The EGO :

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The ego in the couple can be the beginning of the end of your relationship. So you have to know how to use it so as not to destroy your relationship. The ego destroys many more relationships than we can imagine. A simple refusal to act, a forgiveness that one does not want to grant, a need to be right are all things motivated by the ego and which prevent you from having a stable and lasting relationship.

People with oversized egos constantly seek recognition because they fail to value themselves. They are not bad people, they can change. It’s easier to do when you realize where the ego comes from. It’s just a way to hide his lack of self-confidence, maturity and fear of abandonment, through domination.

To put your ego aside you have to work on yourself every day but it is important not to let your ego dictate what you should do. Let the person you love decide sometimes, let them have their own will. Love will allow you to fill the voids but you have to let it in and accept that it is spontaneous, that is to say that it will upset your habits. You won’t be happier controlling everything. We are almost all selfish in love, we want to have exclusivity but we have to see to what extent. Imprisoning each other is not a healthy relationship. Instead, ensure that everyone can find fulfillment in love and achieve their own personal fulfillment.

So what if we let sometimes our heart speak in a relationship instead of our ego?

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